We passionately transfer our scientific and environmental knowledge to the people of the region through various and varied activities and trainings, including school tours, occasional visits to schools, public education and outreach activities.


Animation services

  • Science outreach activities and workshops
  • Regional school tour
  • Natural interpretation service

Specialized training

FaunENord occasionally offers various specialized training courses in response to a growing demand from the population. Our training sessions are of varying length and are designed to help you better understand different elements directly or indirectly related to our natural environments and to help you develop new skills that can be useful to you, both professionally and personally.

Here is the list of courses offered

  • Organization and management of an eco-responsible event
  • Orientation in a natural environment with GPS
  • Non-timber forest products
  • Insects pollinators
  • Ornithology
  • Waterfront property

Eco-responsibility services

We offer local businesses a variety of support services to encourage them to adopt eco-friendly practices, including coaching for various certifications, assistance in adopting policies to protect the environment, organization of eco-responsible events. Our research projects focusing on the region allow us to develop our knowledge and continue to specialize.

  • Green Team
  • Eco-responsibility policy
  • Corporate sustainability policy
  • Ecotourism